How the Most Successful Real Estate Investors Manage Their Time

Becoming a successful real estate investing pro and staying on top of your game depends a lot on your time management skills so what can be learnt from today’s leading investors and entrepreneurs to help you harness an elite level of effective time management?

Is it all about maintaining a strict schedule and delegating like crazy or is the secret to great time management for real estate investing all about having the latest tech gadgets and mobile apps?

All of things can help and make a big difference in how many productive hours there are in the day and how much gets accomplished in the shortest period of time but you might be surprised at what some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs credit for their success, incredibly productivity and freedom…

6 Scheduling Tips for Real Estate Investors

1. Exercise

Richard Branson has repeatedly been voted one of if not the number one most admired entrepreneur, who also happens to own one of the most envied pieces of real estate in the Caribbean. His answer to better productivity; workout regularly. Others studies back this up too, showing as much as a 70% increase in productivity for those who exercise on a consistent basis, so make sure you schedule it in.

2. Time Off

While real estate investing offers the promise of more freedom investors frequently get wrapped up in their passion for the business and long to-do lists and never end up seeming to take advantage of it. Block out your time off whether for vacations or quality time at home first and work the rest of your time around it and don’t compromise or you’ll never enjoy it.

3. Time to Learn

When real estate investors stop learning their businesses ultimately begin to lag and crumble. This takes devoted time to do and not just hands on experience. Block out some time each week to keep up on emerging trends, built on your real estate and business knowledge and even test drive coaching as well as some Zen time for creative thinking.

4. Confront Your Fear

One of the biggest drags on time, productivity and mental state is constantly putting off dreaded tasks whether it is a phone call to give someone bad news, replying to an email or firing someone. Constant procrastination leads to a rapidly lengthening to-do list which is never cleared, a constant cloud over the investor’s head and these issues always notoriously get worse when left to fester. Make these calls first, get them out of the way and power through the day.

5. Know When You Work Best

The great thing about being an independent real estate investing entrepreneur is that you don’t have to stick to the grind of the 9-5. Recognize when you do your best work, whether it is 11 am after a gallon of coffee or 3 am when there are no distractions and schedule your most critical items then. You’ll find this enables you to dramatically slash the number of hours you work each week.

6. Leave Room for Flexibility

Instead of hard scheduling every minute of the day and week and then being stressed out when it doesn’t go right or because you are always behind consider creating blocks for general activities and leaving more white space between them.